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Decker Mediation Services
Decker Mediation offers a full range of conflict services, designed to help reduce discord in virtually any setting, including business organizations, family matters, real estate transactions and landlord-tenant actions; employment disputes, and all types of negotiations. We work with you to deliver our trainings and other services in the way that best fits your specific needs and organization style, ranging from classroom trainings to entertaining role-plays and videos.  Click here to view a list of some of our recent trainings.

Decker Mediation's services include:

Assessment: We evaluate conflict-related policies, procedures, behaviors, problem areas and other aspects of the environment.

Risk Management: We create a plan to reduce and eliminate conflict and its consequences, including a timetable for implementation and measurement tools. 

Training: We conduct hands-on training sessions to help parties understand how and why conflict occurs and learn new skills, including active listening, conflict assessment and conflict resolution.

Coaching: We work with key individuals to understand particular types of conflicts encountered and develop their conflict management skills, including the development of policies, procedures and tools.

Mediation: We use facilitative techniques to help people in personal or business settings communicate effectively and work together toward common goals.   




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